Finse Spitsen Kennel Piki-Nokka

The Piki-Nokka Finnish Spitz Kennel

The Piki-Nokka Kennel is situated in one of Holland's oldest cities named Dordrecht, near the historic centre.

At this moment we are a party of three, being: Puurajan Piki-Pirkko (Pirkko), born 21 May 2016, granddaughter to Darci, Champ. Piki-Nokka Flinne-Feni (Flinne), born 1 September 2021, daughter to Pirrko, and last but not least, me, Sylvia Mathlener, the owner, born ages ago.

Previous generations consisted of:
Lotta Madouc of Mathom House, born 5 February 1987, died on 14 december 2002.
Champ. Saimaan Peregrin-Pipsa, W'95 (Peri), born 8 August 1992, died on 22 November 2004.
Cullabine Orlinka (Onni), born 23 June 1990, died on 16 July 2005.
Champ. Piki-Nokka Aika- Aino, W'98, daughter to Onni, born 25 May 1995, died on 10 February 2009.
Keiko del Colle Ombroso (Keiko), born 25 December 2000, died on 25 May 2010.
Piki-Nokka Chuka-Chanook (Chuka), daughter to Aika, born 15 June 2001, died 1 October 2016.
Piki-Nokka Darci-Dyani (Darci), daughter to Keiko, born 2 August 2005, died 3 April 2019. Champ. Piki-Nokka Eske-Elanor (Eske), daughter to Darci,born 29 June 2010, died 21 March 2024.

In contrast to many breeders my dogs live the life of a pet dog, are kept indoors, and are often taken on long walks in the country. At my work they function as pet dogs for the elderly. Unnecessary to say that socialising is our main motto.

Every now and then we enter a show with lots of success and occasionally a litter is born.

See for further information in English, e.g. the site of the American Kennel Club, the English Kennel Club, the Finnish Finnish Spitz Club, or the Finnish Spitz Club of America.

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